Wrt54g2 validating identity

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Apple Air Port routers use this to connect a WPS printer to the network.There is also another mode of WPS operation, not shown above.In addition, there have been multiple instances of poorly written, buggy implementations.

The WPS password (they use a different term, but its a password) on the router label is the equivalent of a get out of jail card in Monopoly. Three other operating modes allow a new Wi Fi client to logon to an existing Wi Fi network.

If desperate enough, they might setup a Wi-Fi device to send a WPS pushbutton connection request every 20 or 30 seconds.

Sure, this will fail for months on end, but it only takes one success.

The mode of operation on the far right, which Linksys calls Device PIN, involves entering a serial number (a.k.a.

PIN) associated with a Wi Fi device into the router.

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