Windows network connection validating identity

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This is a really easy fix: First download the Microsoft XP update KB893357 on a computer that has internet and get it to the computer that doesn't via flash drive or burning it to a CD.

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Double click that status icon to pull up Wireless Network Connection Status and it shows Connection Status: Validating identity Network: (name of my home network) Duration: (currently at -- yes "connected" for almost 3 hours, but not actually allowing internet connectivity) Speed 54.0 Mbps Signal Strength: 5 bars Activity Packets: Sent 256 Received 3 Sorry if this is over-detailed, (or maybe I've actually given too few details to solve the problem).

With connection request policies, you can use NPS as a RADIUS server or as a RADIUS proxy, based on factors such as the following: RADIUS Access-Request messages are processed or forwarded by NPS only if the settings of the incoming message match at least one of the connection request policies configured on the NPS.

If the policy settings match and the policy requires that the NPS process the message, NPS acts as a RADIUS server, authenticating and authorizing the connection request.

Now open the windows wireless manager (My Network Places, View Network Connections, select the Dell wireless adapter, then click View available wireless networks), select the proper AP from the list, click Connect and configure the connection.

If you no longer have the intermittent connection problems when setup like that, it's time to call Dell.

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