Who is kelly preston dating

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When Travolta faced a number of lawsuits (some of which have since been dropped) from men who claimed he’d groped or inappropriately tried to touch them during massage sessions, the rumor mill heated up again: depending on who you ask, Kelly Preston is a knowing Hollywood “beard” or a clueless, but devoted, wife, trapped in a fake marriage.An email request on Friday to Preston’s PR representative—who also represents Travolta, and used to represent Tom Cruise—asking for comment for this story resulted nearly immediately in an emailed letter from the couple’s attorney at Lavely & Singer.

After spending time in Australia, she went to the Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, attending the same high school as President Barack Obama. She enrolled in drama and theater at the University of Southern California, and quickly got modeling and fashion roles.At the time, it was a huge scandal that helped cement Sheen’s image as a womanizing, possibly dangerous, bad boy.But Sheen has said, as recently as during his tour last year, that he didn’t shoot her—that she had picked up his pants off the floor, not knowing the gun was inside, and it went off. I always have hope, and my prayers are with him."A year after the Sheen break-up, she married Travolta.Through that, the people at my church literally held my hand and got me through...I will forever be indebted.”Unlike Holmes and Kidman, Preston has not had a very high profile career since marrying Travolta, who told magazine in 1989, “She definitely has leading-lady potential.

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