Who is criss angel dating 2016

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Angel is the star and creator of the A&E channel show ' Criss Angel Mindfreak,' while he was interested in magic in his early of an age and dreamed of a top magician.His show on-aired on 20th July 2005 and ran 96 episodes until 2010, where his show's seasons 1 and two were filmed at ' The Aladdin' in Las Vegas and season 3 was filmed at Luxor Las Vegas.

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And after his relationship with Joann, he was reportedly engaged to Sandra Gonzalez whom he proposed in 2011.

Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) had originally auditioned to play Artie Abrams.

Although Colfer had no previous professional experience, Murphy was so impressed by Colfer's performance that the role of Kurt Hummel, named after the character Kurt from The Sound of Music, was created for him.

He poured his happiness saying that he was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy, Xristos Yanni. News about Benson's pregnancy was announced somewhere around the latter stages of 2018 and which came as quite a shock to many considering the fact that Cris had parted ways with Benson long time ago.

But it seems, the past was the past and as of now, he and his lady pair have reunited and are parenting their two beautiful children.

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