Who is connie britton dating

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But at present, she's been highlighted for her personal life.

Because everybody wants to know if she is dating anyone after her divorce.

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Connie Britton has no any regrets of her being a single mother and during the conversation with Amanda de Cadent, she said, https:// S-FTER/?

hl=en&taken-by=conniebritton After the post graduation in 1989, Connie and John moved to New York City to pursue John's banking and Connie's acting career.

She later moved to Los Angeles, where she began to see work on several television shows, including Spin City and 24.

John Britton is the man who was once married to gorgeous actress/singer, Connie Briton.

And she had not shared John's photo or any personal detail which could identify him either.

Connie Britton Credit Kevin Scanlon for The New York Times, Source: When she was asked about her remarriage, she said, And it looks as if the right time hasn't come yet.

If you think that Connie hiding her boyfriend, then let us know from the comment section.

Connie Britton, Source: Born on Constance Elaine Womack, Connie Britton's dating life was brought back into the spotlight while talking all about her kid.

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