Who is chika ike dating

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The bulk of our funding is through donations from friends, colleagues, members of the society as well as corporate organisations that have over the years partnered with us due to the their belief in us not just our impact but what we stand for.We reach out to this individuals by telling them that this is the email address if you need us to send you receipt we would do. We allow you to know what your money is being used for.’, there are families asking for travelling documents, asking for papers of the land and all that, so I felt I should bring my little quota to this as a self-less act to what they are going through.Also having done this for over four years, I have realised that we have over 600 profile authentic widows and the truth without exaggeration is that about 90 per cent of their kids are out of school.So it is just doing more of advocacy letting this people know that there is a law out there that can protect them, they should push it the more and support, and that is all we are asking for.

One thing is to have the policies and another is to have the act, but when it is not being enforced it lies in vacuums, it lies in isolation, and nobody uses it.Once the gender inequality gap is addressed, identifying with widows won’t be a far cry.There is so much to do, it’s not just about giving money to these women but showing them how to economically use the money.When you talk to them, they keep telling you, ‘madam make I chop first, make my children chop first before we think of school’.So that drives me; even if it is the basic education with the support of people to send them back to school; at least they should get the basic knowledge of primary and then maybe another organisation takes up their secondary education.

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