Who is chelsy davy dating

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The Duke of Sussex and Davy had an on-again, off-again relationship for seven years.

Many thought that they would end up together, but apparently they didn’t. However, according to one royal expert, the Zimbabwean beauty is the right woman for the duke.“Chelsy could have been the right girl for him,” Andrew Morton told New Idea.

She quotes Captain Leigh-Wood in her book: “It was the day I left on R&R.“I drove to the base to be picked up by helicopter and as I was waiting I got my mail, which was a Valentine’s card with a pair of knickers inside that a friend of mine bought for an extortionate amount of money from a stripper in London.“As I was coming home I redirected the mail to Harry with a made-up name.“I don’t think he ever knew the truth that the knickers were actually a leaving gift from me!

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While he was there, Chelsy flew out to be with him.

Prince Harry - married to Meghan Markle - is now based in the UK as the pair expect their first born.

However, back in 2008, Harry was serving in the army out in Afghanistan, which proved to be a chance for the Prince to enjoy ‘normal’ life.

Because after all, royalty is about theatre, and Meghan [knows] all about that.”Davy was Prince Harry’s first love.

According to sources, he was desperate to marry her.

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