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"I wrote it from a point of biting empathy," says Gibbard.

"[Celebrity] is a strange way of living one's life."That lack of spitefulness characterizes , a lyrically somber, sonically rich album that begins a new chapter for Gibbard and his two bandmates, bassist Nick Harmer and ­drummer Jason Mc Gerr, both 40.

(“You call a truce and then you start a fight/ You change your signal like a traffic light.”) How do you psychologically reconcile the two when you’re playing live?

You know, at this point, we’re playing songs I literally wrote when I was 20. And they are about things I really cared about when I was 20 or people I really cared about when I was 20.

On “Hard One to Know,” you’ve got these sad lyrics set against a super-upbeat melody.It’s not difficult; it’s just something matter of fact. ” Your music has put you in a position to meet individuals you wouldn’t otherwise meet, like the Dalai Lama, which is nuts. As we were just mentioning, kind of the lowest lows you can possibly feel, having all this shit [about the divorce] swimming across everyone’s desktop.Like, “Wow, I know who I wrote that about and I haven’t thought about that person.” It’s a little bit like looking at old photographs. Um, every once in a while, you take a step back from it and recognize how fortunate you are to be doing exactly what you want to do with your life, you know? But I mean, I’m getting to do exactly what I want to do with my life.Video footage (beneath) saw Gibbard take his earpiece out and guitar off before shoving his mic stand to the floor. “It was the last 20 seconds of the last song and all of Ben’s equipment failed at the exact kind of unrelated moment there was a giant fight in front of us,” he said.Harmer added: “We would’ve finished the song but we’re all feeling a little skittish after Orlando and things were just – we weren’t sure what was happening.

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