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Speaking as a former teen mother herself, Chloe (Susan Ward) encouraged Emily to have an abortion, but the elite gymnast wasn’t sure, so she turned to her coach, Sasha (Neil Jackson).

Typically, he wanted her to make the decision herself – but he was so adamant about it that he refused to offer her any advice at all, even though she begged him.

Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) had a sonogram and learned she is about six weeks pregnant.

The doctor barred her from doing any more gymnastics.

Additionally, it is implied that the Snow Queen caused the death of Gerda's mother because she was also a magically inclined rival of the mighty Snow Queen. Chelsea Handler shares topless photos on instagram.

But this was not enough for the Snow Queen, since her sisters still lived, though greatly weakened.Satan however had made the mirror twisted so that, as Winter gazed at her reflection, she desired for the power of her season to be absolute.Chelsea Hobbs born February 18, 1985 is famous for being tv actress.The couple shares two children, a daughter named Wylie, born in 2006 and a son named Kingston, born on April 27, 2011.Chelsea's formal training began at the age of 3 with dancing, and she ended up in an arts program in high.

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