What age should i start dating

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At times, it may seem like you’re the only person who knows what it’s like to be a single parent.

However, the statistics say that there are many others who know exactly what you’re going through.

Find single parents locally, through your kid’s school, extracurricular activities, or even an app.

There are also numerous online communities that can offer support and advice, through Facebook or sites like Single Mom Nation. Other single parents will more than happy to arrange babysitting swaps, playdates, and carpools.

You’re afraid their lack of knowledge and maturity will cause them more harm than good. In most cases, teenagers don’t have the slightest clue how to date.

If you ask them what dating is, don’t be surprised when they tell you it’s about the other person replying to their text ASAP. With the use of smartphones and various social media platforms, technology has created new “standards” for what dating is supposed to be.

If you’re still uncomfortable or don’t feel right about your child dating, think about what would make you comfortable.

Before anything else can be done, you must be caring for your own needs adequately.

Only when you are feeling well-rested and healthy can you be at your best for your children.

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