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Paquin enrolled herself into Wellington Girls’ College to complete her secondary education.

But, due to her parents’ divorce in 1995, she relocated to USA with her mother and then graduated from Windward School in Los Angeles in June 2000.

The gorgeous actress was in a relationship with the veteran performer, Shin Ha Kyun.

Ha Kyun is seventeen years her senior but their relationship blossomed.

The couple met while scuba diving and assembled their friendship to the purpose of living together.

Nonetheless, the rumour mill on societal websites lately buzzed about their separation and the way Kim Go-eun is currently dating her co-star Gong Yoo.

Kim, however, described her first encounter before the camera as nerve-breaking.

Nonetheless, Go-eun watched the requirement to construct herself which resulted in a hiatus in her acting profession out of 2013 to 2015 and she returned with a bang.She has also worked in 2 TV films before that in 19.Anna takes the help from the personal trainer, Clay Burwell.The celebrity stole the hearts of several after nailing her function as Eun-gyo from the critically acclaimed movie — A Muse that premiered in 2012.Her stellar performance didn’t only secure her outstanding fame, but she clinched accolades such as a Blue Dragon Film Award, Grand Bell Award in addition to Korean Association of Film Critics Award for this.

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