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The power of the app lies its in multifunctionality- making it irresistible to social media fans, mobile users and companies.

We Chat currently is China’s most popular smartphone application, and it is winning over consumers within the mobile market in other parts of the world too.

Interaction between companies and customers on We Chat is not a one-way street: customers can also send messages to the company.

This opens up a world of opportunities for different activities and campaigns where companies can involve the input of customers.

Although the platforms are very different, We Chat actually is a real competition to Sina Weibo.

If Weibo is like an open market place where everyone can see what you say, We Chat is like a private living room where only the ones invited there have access to updates.

In January 2013, the number of users had reached 300 million.

By now, there are over 400 million users, with Weixin’s influence going beyond 100 countries.

It is noteworthy to say that, different from Whatsapp, We Chat’s voice message service is commonly used in China.

‘Moments’ is a closed social network between friends.

Besides that, We Chat has a ‘look around’ function where one can (temporarily) allow its location to be public; this allows one to find people in the vicinity to interact with.

How it works: one can ‘follow’ registered companies by ‘searching contacts’ and adding ‘official accounts’.

Once a user is following a company, the company can send text, images, audio, video or links to its clients We Chat, who receives a notification for every update.

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