Validating sap

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For Substitutions (CLASSTYPE = S), in table BKPF (BCLTAB = BKPF), field BUDAT (BCLFIELD = BUDAT) is excluded (BEXCLUDE = X), whereas, field BKTXT (BCLFIELD = BTXT) is available (BEXCLUDE = blank).So, from BKPF table, field BTXT can be used for substitutions, but, BUDAT cannot be used.

As seen, all fields (BCLFIELD = *) of table BKPF (BCLTAB = BKPF) are available (BEXCLUDE = blank) to be used in FI Validations (CLASSTYPE = B).If the field value is blank, the call-up point does not appear in the screen to define Validations or Substitutions.The fields can have the following values: Generally, only the values blank and X are used.Knowing the Boolean class for an application area and call-up point combination will be necessary for reading the table GB01, explained later.The fields GBVALUSE and GBSBSTUSE are used to define which call-up points will be used for Validations and Substitutions respectively.

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