Validating parameters in batch files

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For example, many database systems allow the specification of the following l (plus, minus, and parentheses).

A more sophisticated data validation routine would check to see the user had entered a valid country code, i.e., that the number of digits entered matched the convention for the country or area specified.

Whether a grade is correct can only be established by clerical checks or by reference to other files.

During systems design, therefore, data definitions are established which place limits on what constitutes valid data.

Using these data definitions, a range of software validation checks can be carried out.

Consistency check ensures that the entered data is logical.

The Post-validation action sends feedback to help enforce validation.

A text field such as a personal name might disallow characters such a markup-based security attack.

A validation process involves two distinct steps: (a) Validation Check and (b) Post-Check action.

The check step uses one or more computational rules (see section below) to determine if the data is valid.

A Validation rule is a criterion or constraint used in the process of data validation, carried out after the data has been encoded onto an input medium and involves a data vet or validation program.

This is distinct from formal verification, where the operation of a program is determined to be that which was intended, and that meets the purpose.

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