Updating the corporate minutes

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If your minute book is not up to date or you don’t have a minute book at all it could cause some serious issues.Firstly, it is going to cost you money to get your lawyer to update many years of your minute book or prepare all of the documentation that is required and has not been prepared for you by your lawyer.For example: A submission on Saturday will be processed Monday morning.If you have already completed the forms and are looking for further information on how you can have ESC handle the filing for you.The PDF document serves as confirmation of your changes only and is not considered a government issued Corporate search report.For an official government record of the current Corporation information, proceed to step 3.Following Incorporation (which only provides the Registered Office Address and First Directors) an initial return, referred to as a Form 1 filing, should be filed within 60 days from the date of Incorporation to establish the Directors, Officers, and Company Address’ (Registered Office and Mailing) with the Ministry of Government Services (MGS).

To begin the filing process, you will require the following key information: Note: You will be required to validate your Corporation to proceed with the next filing steps by using the Electronic Corporate Index (ECI).If the Company has filed their Initial Return for the Corporation all subsequent filings should be filed as a Notice of Change. A data extract is used to obtain the current information on file with the Ministry for your Corporation.This service automatically retrieves all Corporation information that will be changed and ensures the Names and Addresses exactly match the current Corporate record.Ontario Online Initial Return/Notice of Change filings are processed from am – pm Monday to Friday.Submission outside of these hours will be processed automatically as soon as the service becomes available.

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