Updating sendmail cf

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I'm not sure why more people haven't run into this, I'm running a pretty vanilla install with no SELinux customizations. Each line starts with a destination address followed by the address to which Sendmail forwards the email.Technically, this is true, as Sendmail can spool mail to each users' directory and deliver outbound mail for users.However, most users actually require much more than simple email delivery.) would be to touch /.autorelabel and reboot with selinux in permissive mode.See if that fixes it.[quote] dfinn wrote: Today I ran yum update on a working system that had been running 5.5 with no issues. [/quote] You cannot have been running 5.5 or the above packages would not have been updated.Sorry, I guess I missed that but this system had been running 5.4 I've fixed the problem, here's what I did: Restored to my well running 5.4 image, disabled SELinux then ran my yum update.That finished without errors and I was then able to re-enable SELinux, reboot/relabel and all is good now.

Sendmail is a MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) server used for transferring email from between different hosts.This article will help users for installing Sendmail server on RHEL 7/6/5 or with minimal configuration.If you don’t have installed Sendmail using the following command to install Sendmail with other required packages using yum package manager. I hope this article will help you to configure Sendmail on Cent OS and Red Hat systems.In case of any query, please feel free to comment below.You should provide the hostname of the ASG server that you are using as your preferred CASG service domain.

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