Updating powerdesigner model of different versions

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Many people consider Power Designer to be the de facto standard datamodelling tool. However, if you avoid some practices and adopt others, using Power Designer is a breeze. Do Not: Use the repository The repository is a major cause of bugs.

As many users can testify, the version 16 release has been quite buggy in the beginning, only stabilizing a bit more with 16.5. The repository is still buggy, projects are a recipe for pain, and let’s not start a discussion on license prices – we’d still be here next year.

Add attribute groups If you create attribute groups of commonly grouped attributes in keyless entities, you can then inherit from multiple of these entities in order to combine them.

Most useful when you have things like “firstname/lastname” pairs of attributes that you do not want to separate out to their own entity, for some reason. Tie models together with separate workspaces for each project Workspaces are small files with zero overhead that tie different models together. Store your models in version control systems Seriously, I should NOT have to say this, but I keep meeting people who don’t seem to realize that MODELS ARE CODE. Create a folder structure that is the same for everyone and make it mandatory If you don’t, you’ll create unending pop-ups whenever someone opens a model they did not create themselves.

Half the bugs I found in Power Designer went away when I stopped using projects and moved to workspaces. No more models that are impossible to check out or check in.

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The definitions should be controlled by the data architect(s).

There will, of course, be time to discuss and demonstrate those nagging questions that always come to mind during sessions such as this.

George is an independent information management practitioner, with 30 years’ experience creating and managing models of various types in many organizations.

They have no impact on the repository check-in/check-out, they are files that can be under source control, and they are pretty much bug-free. And with a VCS I do not mean that abortion they call the repository. If they check it in, it’s your turn the next time you open it from the repository.

Are you currently using SAP Power Designer, but never had any training?

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