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You can buy a used mars 2000 series under 100 bucks.Even ones that are flash and take new bills as well .change machines run out and parents tell kids " i don’t have any change honey".We grabbed our dollar bill acceptors off of ebay for less than 0.Our location has a lot of newer players and I see almost a 60/40 bills to coins with many using the bill acceptor.FWIW, I have mechs on Go T, TWD, ST, STTNG, Wo Z and POTC(the OG) and I get about in quarters for every dollar in the mech OP, bottom line, it won’t hurt to add one, but in my opinion, they are not worth the expense.I got about 50/50 bills to coins when I had games out.I had a lot of regular experienced players, whom I suspect used bills more than casual players.Got a good number of bills too, even though there wasn’t a price break at .

I’ve personally witnessed a player walk up to a machine with a validator, realize they are out of quarters, and walk down to the bar to get more quarters.

I wanting to add dollar bill validators to them, but am uncertain as to what kind I need and where to look for one that is the correct size, reliable and compatible with those games. ICT A series bill Acceptor Validators I believe this is what you get when you order one through your distributor.

Quite honestly, as an operator, I’ve stopped buying them, as they are a waste of 0-300.

I would love to see the integration of a mobile payment (as long as the fees are not bad). Filling the change machine with 1-2k in quarters is expensive up front and always a cycle to keep up.

I looked into payrange and have read mixed reviews concerning the fees, programming and use by players. The validators eat freely When quarters are easily available onsite… But putting a change machine out for 2-3 games isn’t really viable.

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