Updating firefox 2 to 3 dating relationships and romance lang en

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I was wondering if there are any popular ways to update Firefox to the latest version available from Mozilla.com?

I simply just install Cent OS5 and did a YUM update which still leaves me with and that has no spellcheck and or tab features like the latest 2.x version.

Has anyone updated Firefox successfully or am I missing some repos in YUM that would have a updated version?

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Most users who don't exit the site after visiting the Product help start page, use the search field, which gives results for the entire Knowledge Base, not just in-product articles.

The entire Knowledge Base should be considered in-product help.

To let the current test continue asap, the 3.0b2 mars were repacked.

Full details are in the bug, with the scripts and logs in this tgz.

updating firefox 2 to 3-76

updating firefox 2 to 3-88

id=304202 | patch -p0 ./-c moz18-firefox-# ssh [email protected] (prod 1.9 box) mkdir /builds/updates/firefox-20012-3b4-fake-major/ cd /builds/updates/firefox-20012-3b4-fake-major/ # config now lives in public repo cvs -d [email protected]:/cvsroot co -d config mozilla/tools/patcher-configs/moz18-branch-major-update-patcher2# get patcher cvs -d [email protected]:/cvsroot co -d patcher -r UPDATE_PACKAGING_R2 mozilla/tools/patcher # check out Moz Build cd patcher cvs -d [email protected]:/cvsroot co -d Moz Build -r UPDATE_PACKAGING_R2 mozilla/tools/release/Moz Build export [email protected]:/cvsroot # build tools ./patcher2--build-tools --app=firefox --tools-rev=UPDATE_PACKAGING_R2 \ --config=../config/moz18-branch-major-update-patcher22&1 | tee firefox_# download complete MARs # FIXME - we only really need to "to" mars, not the "from" mars, but there must be "from" # mars present for patcher to build the patchinfo ./patcher2--download --app=firefox \ --config=../config/moz18-branch-major-update-patcher22&1 | tee firefox_# FIXME - patcher needs to see that the MARs that it thinks are partials # are there or else it will not attempt to generate patchinfo cd temp/firefox ln -s 3.0b4 cd ../..On fx-win32-1.9-slave2, fx-mac-1.9-slave2, fx-linux-1.9-slave2, do mkdir -p /builds/verify/firefox-20016-301-fake-major/ cd /builds/verify/firefox-20016-301-fake-major/ cvs -d [email protected]:/cvsroot co -d updates mozilla/testing/release/updates/ cvs -d [email protected]:/cvsroot co -d common mozilla/testing/release/common/ # get patch to trawl "Only in" directories cd common # on mac & linux curl -s https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=304252 patch -p0 PREPARE REMOVE searchplugins/file cannot be removed because it does not exist; skipping PREPARE REMOVE searchplugins/file cannot be removed because it does not exist; skipping ...So what is the primary set of articles needed for Firefox 3.5 Support?That will be a list of top articles, based on traffic and top search terms.

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