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After meeting on-set in 1995, the two eloped the very next year! Ripa said in an interview once that she saw a picture of her future-hubby and knew right then that he was the guy she was meant to be with!

Clearly, her love at first sight instincts were correct and the two co-stars are still going strong. After the filmed wrapped in 2010, Weisz ended things with her partner of nine years and by 2011, she and Craig were married.

Around the same time the story emerged, several reputable outlets noted that Jolie “has no interest in dating” and is only focused on her six kids.

Mutual pals of ours and the actress have confirmed this to be the case countless times.

With all the hard work and emotions that go into playing a role, it makes sense that people would grow close.

Why do you think we see many co-stars hooking up after doing a project together?

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Weisz said once that she never thought she would be one of those actors who married their co-stars — or even got married at all! The couple is still going strong and welcomed a daughter in 2018. But, sometimes, being young and in love just isn't enough.

) stars 18-year-old Joey King and 20-year-old Jacob Elordi.

The two play a pair of teenagers, Elle and Noah, who struggle to keep their relationship under wraps after falling for each other under her best friend's nose.

We had the luck of meeting each other on the set of a film we did together in South Africa called The Kissing Booth."MY FUCKING HEART ♥️ Joey King and Jacob Elordi are in a real fucking relationship together in real life 😭 no wonder their chemistry in the kissing booth was so realistic.

Long days and nights spent on movie and TV sets are bound to bring people together.

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