Uniformed service personel dating

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If you plan on being in his life for a while, you’re going to have to learn how to make nice and be friendly with them.

You’ll find that because you are making a valiant effort to be cordial to his friends, he will be appreciative and will make the same effort to be nice toward your friends.

For most couples, this isn’t a big deal and it is pretty common.

However, when you’re dating someone in a uniform, chances are they will be tight lipped.

People with jobs that deal with the public like medical staff and police officers (mainly detectives and the like) may not be able to go into great deal of detail about their day because the information is usually confidential due to HIPPA laws (for medical personnel) or it is important to their case (for detectives).

Not only will it go a long way with your relationship with your man, but you could come out of it with some new friends!

Do you wear a uniform in your job or just love people in uniform?

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