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Originally from Sweden, Anna said: "Today I'm going to share with you some shoes which are not elegant, that I hope none of you are wearing - at least if you want to be an elegant lady.

"There are some really awful looking shoes out there, they can ruin your entire outfit, and make you look not very refined." Despite some of these shoes coming with eye-watering price-tags, Anna still warned women to "stay away", saying they will "ruin your classy image".

"I have a lot of female clients—it may have turned them away." He's not alone.

Jason Teich griped, "Producers fed me drinks and then Patti yelled at me for being an alcoholic." Stanger called David Vroubel "creepy" eight times in the show, which he said was edited to make him look, well, creepy.

There were so many times Patti handed her clients off to me because she was so focused on the show." Autumn's boyfriend and business partner Wesley Ryan added, "Chelsea was doing all the work and it was time for her to leave and start her own business." that there is only a slim chance the "millionaires" are worth even close to the titular sum. " He listed Stacy Kessler, Doug Kepanis, Robin Kassner, and Jason Teich as alleged fakes, adding, "There's a lot of people who are really struggling right now, which may be a sign of the times and the current economy, but I would say knowing every other 'millionaire' that's been on the show this season, I would say at least 50 percent are not really millionaires." Kassner rebutted, "On paper, I am a millionaire.

"They did not check any bank accounts at all whatsoever," Yontef said. I have a million dollars in two funds and I own my apartment with no mortgage. But in reality, as you know, having a million dollars living in Manhattan does not make you rich.

Parts of me wish neither of us had to go through this.First on her list of banned shoes is the 'platform heels', which she said are "very common".She said: "Because of the platform, it does remind of an exotic dancer shoe, and it's just a little bit too sexual. "These shoes are not classy ladies." Next on her hit-list are 'dirty shoes', which is the trend of buying new shoes which look old, dirty or distressed."Being elegant, being classy, it's not about being vulgar or being sex on legs." Next up is the 'too high heel', and she advises women to stay away from all shoes with heels of 12 or 14cm and above. She says: "I would never see a lady in Gstaad or St Tropez wearing these types of sneakers." Finally, a shoe which really strikes a chord is what Anna calls the 'ugly shoe'.Anna says: "Stay below 10cm in heel size if you want to be elegant." In third place are 'caged boots', which are over-the-knee boots with lace-up or fishnet designs. The rise in popularity of 'dad trainers' has taken off recently, with the like of Kylie Jenner wearing Balenciaga's £615 versions.

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