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( ala the Red Indians of North America and the Aborigines of Australia ) The Portuguese Inquisition Laws filled 230 pages and the Inquisition was to be held behind closed doors. Diago de Boarda and his advisor Vicar General, Miguel Vaz had made a gruesome 41 point plan for torturing Hindus.Under this plan Viceroy António de Noronha issued in 1566, an order applicable to the entire area under Portuguese rule.Enacting laws, prohibition was laid from 4 December 1567 on rituals of Hindu marriages, sacred thread wearing and cremation.All the persons above 15 years of age were compelled to listen to Christian preaching, failing which they were punished.It is from Xavier that Europe came to know about medicinal leech vaccination ( among other things ) , and later Freemason Edward Jenner made a name for himself.The ancient Maharishis from Kerala, like Imhotep, has been vaccinating the Pharaohs of Egypt, 6500 years before Edward Jenner.The masses were converted into Christianity, saddled with Portuguese surnames , given menial jobs, made to eat Beef and Pork and drink cheap Feni ( a local brew made of Cashew and Coconut ).This easy inebriated life destroyed their mindset and till today no Catholic Goan boy has passed the IIT entrance exam.

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It was NOT religious hatred alone, the main reason was to steal as many ancient Sanskrit and Malayalam Vedic texts on Science, Medicine and Mathematics.These include Taranga (Kannada: ತರಂಗ) and Sudha (Kannada: ಸುಧಾ) - popular weekly family magazines with short stories, articles and movie gossip, Mayura (Kannada: ಮಯೂರ) - Kannada monthly magazine with novels & short stories and Roopatara (Kannada: ರೂಪತಾರ) - a Kannada film magazine.Other Kannada and Karnataka news sections on Read other Kannada news sections including Kannada movies, sports and business news.In 1567, the campaign of destroying temples in Bardez met with success.At the end of it more than 300 Hindu temples were destroyed.

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