Types archaeology dating

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To date artifacts most accurately, archaeologists need the context in which artifacts lie in the ground to be undisturbed.This context may then be excavated to find associations between the artifacts and the organic materials required for radiocarbon dating.We are in the final stages of processing the 2015 Fort Hunter collection and have begun to inventory the artifacts.

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This includes material types, condition or wholeness of the artifact, and date of production to name a few.Dating methods for prehistoric ceramics are dependent on typologies which were developed through careful analysis of such attributes as temper, decoration, design and form.For many native groups’ specific tempers, forms, designs and/or decorations have been attributed.When we have an entire or even a large fragment of a ceramic vessel, we can often determine the shape of the vessel or the type and method of production of the design on the vessel.Both of these characteristics are also used to narrow down a date range.

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