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I kinda felt it in my spirit because of how the judges have been getting on me for the last couple of weeks. Then Travis [was in the bottom two with me], and I kind of see Travis as winning the whole competition. I was happy that I was able to be a part of this experience and grow from it as I did. Not only the cast but in wardrobe and music, these people you see every single day, and then when you go home, you're leaving all of For weeks now, you looked surprised every time you weren't eliminated. You don't know when is the next time you're going to see everybody. What was the hardest aspect of this competition?But this is my first like actual boyfriend and actual relationship. I’ve often wondered about reality shows where you have the public voting.And someone I’m actually in love with, so it’s pretty exciting! I imagine some gay contestants who are pretty much “out” in their personal lives might feel the need to sort of “front” in order to get votes from viewers.Ryan: Toward the beginning it was really rough, because they barely showed me in the Vegas week.They didn't give me a lot of airtime before [Hollywood], so no one really knew me going into it.Late Night Video: Olivia Newton-John talks about her cancer diagnosis and why she’s not as scared this time Rosie O’Donnell’s ex-wife has died at 46 .

Allison: It was me just passing on [to Travis] that I'm leaving the show, but I still love you and you're still here.... I've read that you also knew Jaymz Tuaileva before the show. That's not exactly the first state that comes to mind when you think of dance. It's too early to say what I'm going to do, because I'm still under contract. Have your goals changed after this competition? I've always been one of those kids who sets high goals for myself. Were you expecting to leave this week?

Even before I made the show, I wanted to do TV, music videos, Broadway shows. But actually now being on the TV show has shown me that I can reach all those goals. Ryan Rankine: I kinda knew what was going to happen.

Ryan: I probably will come back to New York, because that's just home to me.

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