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Create a submodule repository and fill it with some content git init submodule cd submodule/ echo "hi" >> git add git commit -am "adding content" \#create a second branch with different content. git init local cd local/ git submodule add -b master ../submodule git commit -am "adding submodule" echo "file.txt" > git add git commit -m "adding file" REPRODUCTION STEPS 1.git checkout -b submod_second echo hello > git commit -am "changing content" cd .. Create a branch and update a file (no submodule update) git checkout -b local_second echo newfile > git commit -am "changing file" 2.The submodule did not change in this commit and should not be noticed.

txt does all of the command line steps below up until the #TGIT comments) 1.

I expect a fast commit and instead am seeing " Preparing commit..." dialog with " Updating index" and taking > 20 minutes as it seemingly runs through every file in the repo.

This seem to have just started after updating to tortoisegit git version running on xp sp3 Please provide any additional information below.

It would be nice if the submodule was not a part of the change.

If that is not possible, though, it would also be nice if TGit could allow you to uncheck it so that is not part of the current rebase step (or subsequent ones until it is expected).

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