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The Feeler may receive some feedback from the Thinking Type regarding their behavior, though it is often a negative comment regarding an imperfection the Thinking Type sees in the Feeler.

As could be expected, Thinkers have a similar annoyance with their Feeler’s tendency to offer lavish expressions of their feelings and do not understand why the Feeler is offended by the critical remarks that the Thinker provides.

Feeling Types are behaviorally inclined to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, especially those that express their love toward their partner or their admiration for their partner’s qualities or actions.

On the other hand, Thinking Types are not as outwardly intimate as Feelers, and often will neglect to put into words (or actions) how greatly they feel for their partner.

The behavioral tendencies of Feeling and Thinking Personality Types can clash in the way they communicate their feelings.If such a conflict did come about, the Thinking Type’s logical nature would help find an unbiased solution.A Thinker’s lack of sentiment or emotional reassurance is usually not an issue for Thinking Type Myers-Briggs relationships, as both partners often give less of this kind of emotion reassurance (or close to as little) as their partner would in an opposite Type relationship.This can cause Thinkers to feel irked or ignored when the Feeler fails to follow through on their advice or do what was suggested, or if the Feeling Type in the relationship becomes withdrawn because they would rather figure things out for themselves.Of the various opposite-preference couples, Thinking-Feeling Type relationship problems are often more difficult to remedy, with each preference becoming defensive if someone (namely their opposite) tries to change their ways.

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