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When she was younger she was so androgynously gorgeous, she could've easily passed for a pretty male, rather than the tomboy that she was.She's femmed up a bit in her dotage, but she's still striking looking at 45.I can describe each but the posts are gonna be Looooonnngggg.[quote]Ah Gabriela! Of course this was when the women players looked like women, not the roided up shemales of indeterminate gender that dominate the game these days. Wozniaki's huge forehead and no neck sort of kills it, Hantuchova was anorexic for the most part and hasn't aged good.One particular player appears to be not just of questionable gender but also of indeterminate species. Giorgi sometimes looks like a troll and she is compeltely flat. Even Graf with that huge nose looks more estetically elegant than most of the girls you picked.Funny how some people complain about Gaby's shoulders while they praise Maria's which are HUGE. Anyway, there is quiet a lot of grey areas between Ivanovic and a ""dude", you know?She has some masculine traits but she also has quiet a womanly features any average woman would envy.Situated in a beautiful place with a great view and greenery all around, this property was put up in the market with the price of .99 million but the couple had to decrease their price by ,000 to finally sell it.

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker a known name for happy couples.Gabriela Sabatini is a former Argentine tennis player.She is best known as one of the lead women tennis players in the late 1980s and early 1990s.You're probably one of those people who think that a woman with short hair is a guy. The combination of her prominent nose, strong jawline , broad shoulders, deep voice, and masculine gait make her appear mannish.I think Sabatini looked quite like a woman but moved like a guy especially when she was on tour. I don't think that you can compare her in any way to Ivanovic who appears feminine in every possible way.

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