Teacher dating a parent

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These forms are available on the website at State Employee Disclosure Forms.Teachers employed by a school district should use the Financial interest disclosure form for appointed municipal employees.In summary, a teacher planning a field trip that will involve someone other than the teacher herself, or the school district, paying her travel expenses of or more, has 2 forms to fill out and to have approved by her appointing authority: (1) the § 6 or 19 form before she begins to plan the trip, and (2) the travel disclosure form, before she travels.

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Serving on a ballot question committee: You may serve on or assist a ballot question committee about a tax limit override provided that you do so without pay, do not fundraise, and do not act as the agent for the campaign in any matter involving your town (such as filing required campaign finance reports).

You may, outside of school and on your own time, distribute campaign literature, make get-out-the vote telephone calls, conduct campaign polls and research, drive voters to the polls, and display or hold signs as long as you do not do so on town time or by using town resources.

Private political activity: Teachers and other public employees have most of the same rights as other citizens to engage in private political activity.

These forms are available on the website at Municipal Employee Disclosure Forms.

Expenses paid by your employing district: A field trip situation where a teacher chaperone’s travel expenses will be paid for by her employing district (or by the teacher herself) does not raise issues under the conflict of interest law.

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