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I don’t think I’ve ever seen the number roadkill that I’ve seen along this road. More showers today, but the wind is not as bothersome as yesterday, just the rain, which comes in waves off and on into early afternoon.

I quit counting at 100, mostly raccoon and opossum. Saw an osprey catch a huge fish and haul it away today. The Oregon Channel Bridge is a treacherous place, the lanes barely wide enough for two eighteen-wheelers to pass, and it runs for some three miles. Arriving I find that DOT has one lane shut down, so there’s only one way traffic and I’ve got the closed down lane all to myself. Then it clears, making a steaming frying pan of the road. There seems to be no off-season here, but I find a clean and neat little mom-n-pop motel, very reasonable, and I check in for the evening. Saturday–April 13, 2002 Trail Day–3 Trail Mile–81.0 It’s the thirteenth, sure glad it isn’t Friday the 13th! I couldn’t figure our why it was taking so long to reach certain locations. So I’ve been running seven miles behind all day, bummer!

You can go flying up that road with your air and your stereo full blast–but you won’t see The Outer Banks!I know that soon I’ll again get in the right mindset for this lunacy, but today I’m questioning my own sanity.Ahh, dear folks, it takes a different breed of long distance hiker to come down out of the cool, protected green tunnel of the mountains and the woods–and take to the open roads–a different breed.I’m going after another 25 miler today–actually 27. Then I noticed the seven mile error in my mileage calculations. I did stop to look in at the Wright Brother’s Museum near Kill Devil Hills, but I hastened on.My legs, back and feet are complaining, stifness and minor blisters, but I’m truckin! I’ll write more about that very neat place, along with some of the interesting history that is Cape Hatteras, in upcoming entries.

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