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Nothing fixes this: using different sorting methods, restarting the App, clearing cache, logging in and out, and re-downloading the app. And im not re-downloading so much music every time.Does someone now a 3rd party solution or something else because this is unbearable. This (sorry for my language) fucking algorithm is annoying.Make sure to check out our weekly best new music column as well. Sometimes, you just want to feel like a supervillain, you know? Dark, skittering instrumentals provide the backdrop for some of hip-hop’s finest lyricists, each armed with a monotone drawl that will make you want to mean-mug your way down Crenshaw Boulevard. And this month we'll do that by making an playlist thats completly sang in your home nations language! and it is soo frustrating always hearing the same 30 songs when i am on shuffle mode.Indie labels, big radio stations, and big-time music bloggers own some playlists.Others might be owned and curated by Joe next door.We are not, however, a support community, and we encourage users to use official support channels for most issues.

This months compition is al about your home nation!

These playlists get a decent amount of real estate on the Spotify browse page and are often used to plug label artists in order to get some plays and hopefully land a spot on a .

I’m grouping these all in the same category but there’s a pretty big range here.

In most cases, you’re going to have to work you way up the ladder. Spotify-curated playlists are at the top of the pyramid.

Some of these playlists (like Coffee Break, undercurrents, and Global Funk) are smaller and more niche with tens of thousands of followers. They primarily look at Spotify data like plays, skips, and finishes to decide how well a song is performing.

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