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This one’s for you, Zip Code 84214: Here’s Dormer in 18 point.

Originating in 1888 with Chicago’s Great Western foundry, their successor Barnhart Bros. Partway through casting, the lowercase C mat failed catastrophically.

This time we were delayed until afternoon—and even before noon, emails were coming in wondering Where Is It? This big fat road hog dates back to the mid 19th century, although the precise origin is not known.

The reason: we were scrambling to get a proof and box labels printed for our third new item, Collection No. We have already cast his slender cousin T-bird Extra Condensed in two sizes. U-23 in 12pt, one more good ‘un from the Indian matrices.

This includes brushing off the flash (we call that “flicking boogers”), determining line breaks and transferring type between galleys to perfect that; lifting type line by line into the font boxes, inserting filler blocks, and tagging, labeling, sleeving and shrink-wrapping.

And of course learning to work for a detail-obsessed boss all the while.

This grand face was only cut in the one size, and it joins standard Goudy Text and the complementary Lombardic Initials (both in 48) in our product line. In April that was accomplished with Della Robbia in 24 point (despite an undetected mold micro-failure that necessitated hand-dressing the foot of all 540 lbs of type in this casting). The face was ditched when American Type Founders absorbed BB&S, but it was revived in the 1960s by our patron saint Chas.Skyline offers our most sincere thanks to Mark K in California for generously furnishing the Hadriano matrices. 12, and a record 43 new listings added to The Junk Bin. Watch for a banner on the web site revealing the Coupon Code.And now back to the task at hand—figuring out how we’ll celebrate International Letterpress Day. This is the only advance notice, so write yourself a reminder! ) the depths of the Charlie Broad Matrix Collection, and this month’s new typographical treasure is Vaudeville in 36 point.This face is unknown prior to Charlie’s casting of it in the 1960s.A number of his releases were apparently done from 20th century optical type faces (including our Galena Title) and there is strong evidence that this is the case with Vaudeville.

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