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I even did a search for my wife, who works as a local government councilor, and Pipl revealed a document she was mentioned in. Probably the most powerful tool to find someone who used the internet a long time ago is Google Groups.Google Groups has incorporated over 800 million Usenet messages into its database, an impressive archive of internet conversations dating back to 1981.True People Search will typically return a list of previous addresses, along with phone numbers.Look out too for the “Possible Associates” section.Start with their birthday or the state they live in.Once you have those details, the volume of information you can find online about a person is amazing. When searching for people online, be sure to use multiple people search engines for the best results.

You should also get some good results for Canadian residents, too.The internet is essentially a giant database, overflowing with data points about individuals.Today, it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t commented on a blog entry, made a post in an online forum, or registered at Facebook or Flickr.Universities, research centers, tech businesses, and other bodies relied on Usenet for collaboration and more.Not only you might find who you’re looking for, but you’ll also get an idea about their thoughts, ideas, and motivations of the time.

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