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So, like the rest of the world, I joined Tinder, Hinge, and a brand new app called The League. People love to say this about the singles scene in Silicon Valley.

And, like most clichés, there’s a kernel of truth to it.

(Last year, it had the highest ratio of single guys to single women in the country.) And I'm not going to pretend it didn't hold sway in my decision to move here from Manhattan eight months ago. After all, I've never been much into jocks and always would rather date a dude in a hoodie than one in a pinstripe suit.

Plus, as a former New Yorker with a strong sense of style, I thought to myself, I would have the upper hand. While there are a lot of attractive options out here who match my type—smart, dark, slightly scruffy, maybe wearing glasses and a decent pair of jeans—very few of them seem to know how to make eye contact with a girl, even fewer know how to talk to her. Here is how: The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Smart people are looked down upon as anti-social nerds, who would reduce a girls’s social status if she were to interact or be friends with them.

Do you think Bill Gates gets any respect from American millenials? He is more revered in India and China (and other countries) than in the United States.

It is quite difficult to carry any sort of intellectual conversation or talk anything of substance with such people.(Maybe all these elusive single men are single for the simple reason that they never go out.) Both of these scenes were incredibly intimidating. Now it was me who didn’t know how to talk to anyone. In the end, what I learned is that dating in Silicon Valley is no easier than it is anywhere else. Maybe the only way to find love in a city so driven by science and analytics is by keeping the faith.“That’s not what I was hoping you’d say,” said a single friend visiting from Manhattan. I put my laptop on the table and futzed around on my phone (look at how tech I am!) while eavesdropping on the two cute Aussies next to me, both of whom were married, which I soon realized.

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