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Lessons learned I have a Santa Claus chatbot which gets all kinds of abuse each December.My first chatbot was a six year old teddy bear and even that got a load of sexual attention!After careful consideration, I decided to remove the banning system, as the number of visitors to to fall, which also took a hit to my advertising revenue.People enjoyed being abusive for fun to see her responses and most of them meant no harm.None of this is of any use to me when improving her and so I decided to create a “5 strikes and you’re out” method of banning the unwanted users.If someone abuses Mitsuku, they are warned five times with a siren before given a ban for a few days, which is hopefully enough time for them to cool down a little.

Now you’re three months in post-live and practically banging your head against the wall when analyzing the user data.

Mitsuku gives a warning, produces a suitable reply and then classes them as an abusive user: The ADDINSULT category does three main things.

It keeps a count of how many times the user has called the category and bans their customer ID number when it reaches five.

After I had implemented this system, I soon saw lots of people being banned and the quality of the chatlogs increased dramatically.

There were a few false positives where people had said innocent things and Mitsuku had classed them as insults but a bit of fine tuning easily corrected these.

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