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) and others who believe that the malware problem on Macs is underestimated by the Apple-loving community.Hopefully this short history will go some way to present the facts, and encourage sensible debate.In late 2010, I wrote a short history of Apple Mac malware.Since then there have been some significant developments, so here’s a revised and updated version.

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On German language versions of the operating system it would play German folk tunes and display messages such as “Hey, what are you doing? Microsoft accidentally shipped the first ever Word macro virus, Concept, on CD ROM.From the early 1980s, right up until the present day, here are some of the highlights in the history of Apple Mac malware.The first virus to affect Apple computers wasn’t written for the Macintosh (that iconic computer wasn’t set to appear until 1984) but is of historic interest none the less.Source code for n VIR was later made available, causing a rash of variants for the Mac platform.In response, the first anti-virus products for Mac – some free, some commercial – began to emerge.

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