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Auntie, Prom is in a few months, and “everyone” (a lot of people in my group of friends/people who dislike me, I guess) have a bet that I won’t have a date to prom. I’ve flirted my tailbone off, and he seems to be totally oblivious to everything.This I find is slightly hurtful, as the bet started out as a joke between and friend and I and then got taken seriously by a group of people. Our teammate and his best friend asked me about my crush before he even noticed. (Did he OFFER his hoodie, or did you have to ask for it?As for how to confront her, be totally direct and TOTALLY casual.No whining, no attacking; just call out the elephant in the room, like, “Hey, I can’t help noticing that you’ve been avoiding me since I asked you out that one time.(Or maybe his friend can shed a little light on whether he returns your feelings.) Hey Auntie, this is a non-prom related quandary for you.I told a girl I liked her and asked her out about two months ago and she said no, which I sort of understood.Anyway, we were pretty good friends before that (I was one of the few people she talked about certain things to) but for the past couple of months, I can only remember one time where our conversations have been longer than four consecutive sentences.

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Some people are so afraid of things getting awkward, they inadvertently make them a billion times more awkward by avoiding and acting sketchy.

I understand if you feel weird, but I’ve been completely over it for awhile now, and it would be cool if we could just be friends again.” Hopefully, seeing that you’re not dwelling on it will enable her to quit steaming up the room with her Awkward Fumes.

But if she keeps avoiding you, you’re probably gonna have to let this one go (or at least reevaluate your friendship.) Auntie, I have a really big problem. I’m going to highschool next year and it could help me experience with what I’m good at and with what I love. They think I should never let the man keep me down. High school and college are the perfect time for trying a bunch of different things and figuring out what you like, what you’re good at, and where your passions lie.

(And by that I mean, “I couldn’t see to type with the gorilla mask on.”) Auntie, I don’t want to go to prom. And I’m not just saying that because I don’t think anyone will ask me. The other, less-pleasant possibility is that he’s not interested and just used your brother as a convenient excuse rather than be blunt about it. Auntie, What happens if someone you know gets the same dress as you? Or do you go and try to return yours, even though that’s not possible? What you can do is make sure that the people who matter (i.e. I get that you and a friend started this up as an in-joke, but the point at which it went public is the point at which your friends should have said, “Hey, enough.” Have you mentioned to any of them that your feelings are hurt?

What matters is whether you’ll have fun going, hanging out with your friends, dancing, and taking goofy pictures.

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