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So yeah could say that was a set back, but that's ok because there's always book 6 right?

Yeah I'm still as much in love with Gage as ever....

Sometimes it's all too complex and I feel a well done simpler party build and campaign can be more fun.

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We do get some awesome lines like "He fondles my fingers, molests them with an intensity (...)" WHY DOES THAT MAKE ME THINK OF CHILD MOLESTATION AND DISGUSTING THINGS?? Skyla makes out and parties and wants to get laid but doesn't. They think Skyla is pregnant and instead of going to the store or local doctor to get a pregnancy test, they go on a road trip and stay in a 0/night hotel and go to a super expensive doctor only to get told she's not pregnant.But in a collaborative game, we need to be ready to share the spotlight. Or when the Barbarian lets down their tough exterior to let the cleric heal them. Having a party of highly specialized characters who need to rely on each other is far more interesting than a group of mediocre, catch-all bardlocks who’s survivability as a group is no more potent than the sum of its parts."I don't want to be a farmer, I want to go off on adventures and be a hero."My best character ever. But Marshall is definitely growing on me and might have won a piece of my heart, cute.I didn't realize this series could get any worse, but this book proved me wrong.

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