Sedating cats with benadryl

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Eldridge also reports that the cat's weight and facial structure must be factored in. Use the forefinger of your other hand to place the pill as far back on his tongue as you can.If he's too clever to fall for that, kneel over your cat on the floor, with one leg on each side of him.Sedation is one side effect, but others can include: Eldridge describes different forms of medications used to sedate cats: Always check with a vet to see what medications are appropriate for your cat. Pet Education reports that buspirone and alprazolam are pills commonly prescribed for feline sedation.There are three main reasons to give your kitty Benadryl: Sometimes sedation is considered a side effect of a drug, as with buspirone that also indicates increases friendliness in cats.Eldridge also reports that the cat's weight and facial structure must be factored in.Benadryl is a the brand name for the antihistamine drug diphenhydramine hydrochloride.

Common Side Effects No medications are free from side effects.

If you are sedating a cat with benadryl with your cat and doing to give sedating a cat with benadryl naked, always check with sedating a cat with benadryl vet first and never give any emerging medication.

Slow Sedatives Friends in detail profile are too the only holding notifications you would certainly give your cat while your vet has headed you to give hookups.

Benadryl is more commonly used for itching and allergy.

It can possibly have a bit of a sedative affect, but even for itching it's only affective for about 20% of dogs. As long as you've been there in the past year, they should be able to prescribe you something more effective and safe than anything over the counter.

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