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No country in the world has so many vacation parks per capita as the Netherlands.

Campings - or vacation parks - were originally built for family holidays in the 1950s.

On campings we encountered people from all walks of life, an architect who lost clients, had to sell their house with debt, and ended up homeless; a psychologist whose husband passed away leaving the next of kin with bankruptcy.

People with a small debt that becomes a big debt, end up being evicted from social housing.

They believed more money for the rich would ‘trickle down’ and create jobs and better economic conditions for all, which is why neoliberals prefer to tax wages higher than dividends and profits.

This has made investing in the stock market or real estate more profitable than earning a wage by working.

It showed burned down trailers, people in extreme poverty, living in a place ridden with crime.

Why are people in one of the richest countries in the world living in slum-like conditions?

Holli-Anne Passmore confirmed in a study she conducted that there’s a noticeable link between an individual's happiness levels and their appreciation of nature.

Just noticing the dandelions between the sidewalk cracks can be enough to make a difference.

Artist Klaas Burger invited me to research the underlying causes why people end up on campings.

During four months we visited over seven campings and spoke to residents, owners, politicians on the municipal and state level, social workers, and migrant worker organisations.

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