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The day's report was always finished, the projection long faded before she'd return.

Now, my fingers press the buttons as if it was yesterday, and her face appears on the screen, alive and whole.

Cameron takes viewers on a journey of discovery and exploration, helping us understand where science fiction’s ideas came from – and where they’re taking us. For more on all the latest AMC news, sign up for the AMC newsletter.

What can children and parents do to make each other feel more comfortable when they talk about dating?

Before the light and heat and pressure of gravity and explosion and screaming and ash.

Before their strange food and drink and always, always their questions. )"Now that you are matured," they explain, their eyeballs glowing with what I think may be concern, "we'd like you to examine the wreckage. To understand who they are and why they came."So I stand before the crash site, my too-wide boots (made for many-toed feet) sinking into layers of sand and ash.

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Though everything's turned topsy-turvy and drowning in sand and dust, it's still recognizable as the room of my childhood: of warm embraces and blanket forts and books.Of lullabies and goodnight kisses before Mama had to return to the bridge. There, on her console, is her logbook, and I know immediately that if answers exist, that's where they'll be.I've ordered a stop at a nearby terrestrial planet to make repairs.There's signs of life; we must hope the inhabitants are friendly. I only know what they've told me, and who's to say that I'm not as bad at seeing through their lies as they are at recognizing mine?

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