School festival dating sim otome game carbon dating for students

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Help with the festival during the week, on Sunday follow the star on the map.

Play again after getting his own Ending A for the other endings.

The simple, easy to use mechanics lack much in refined detail or polish, but they work great as a testing ground for how people play.

You get a simple map of “Cigam”, your sleepy city with the never-ending piano tune and the five buildings to visit.

Your school is holding a big cultural festival at the end of the month, and your friend suggests getting yourself a boyfriend.

Now Yumi of course says this is just a rumor, and that the only deciding factor in a happy life is compatibility and luck, but Video Game logic knows better.

Unlocking all the scenes will open the ABABO Afterword.

I was looking for something around the same lines and discovered the joy that was Dating Sim games.

The games are Heartstring Bugs(That I'm pretty sure most of you have already played) and Doppelganger: Dawn of the Inverted Soul.

One will set their heart all aflutter, earning you relationship stats; the other will make them wonder if the exit is nearby. If your foot finds its way into your mouth, another chat will give you the chance to pick the right option instead.

But you don’t just get to talk to your crush, oh no: you can also give them gifts.

They have a specific feel and art style, and always play about the same way.

But she and one other woman were my gateway drugs to this feel-good insanity, so it only fits we climb back up the rabbit hole and start at the very beginning. You are Mayu, the innocuous protagonist who loves to cook and treats everyone with the same sweet sincerity.

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