Samantha ronson dating christina aguilera

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"That is one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world to sing.

I'd actually love to sing that with you one day," Christina confessed.

Our source also reveals that the twosome’s relationship is nothing like the one Samantha had with Lindsay Lohan.

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'' Having only just split from Jordan Bratman earlier this week, it's perhaps not so shocking that gossip sites and magazines are grasping at possible reasons it didn't work out between Christina Aguilera and her husband.19, 2005 and she gave birth to her son Max Liron Bratman in Jan. The pair have been together for more than two years'' reported BBC. So how is Rutler taking to this news of Aguilera being a lesbian?MSN had done a complete story on the relationships and personal life of this ''Back to Basics'' singer Aguilera in details. He's changed my life," she told People magazine after the birth of her child. 2010 that Aguilera has separated from husband Jordan Bratman, and she filed for divorce shortly after that. 26, 2011 too has become an integral part of her life. 14, 2014 and soon after the engagement the duo announced about their expecting their first child. Kpopstarz will bring in more news about the love life of Christina Aguilera soon.A source very close to both Christina Aguilera and Samantha Ronson tells X17online exclusively that the singer and the DJ are taking their friendship to the next level. Answer this question: I'd love to see Christina with someone like ... Both Lindsay and Christina were abused by their fathers. I think her break up with hubby had more to do with her latest CD doing poorly than with any lesbian affair. Ever since Samantha went to Cabo with Xtina, "the two have been inseparable," says our source. Christina Aguilera really lets down her guard around Sam. Obviously, Sam has a "type", and it's girls who are damaged by men in their youth and need to act out or numb out with drugs to deal with it.

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