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At the end of the day we may be "different" yet the same. Tarek also wants to instill in his children the value of hard work and being well-rounded individuals."The biggest thing I want to teach my kids is, obviously they live a different lifestyle than most.

They’re on TV and they have opportunities to get nice things.

"In general, through the process of my separation and divorce, it’s been a year and a half," Tarek shared.

"I came out of this thing stronger, more present and healthier than I've ever been because I did everything possible to reevaluate who I am and who I want to be.

Despite some huge differences with her new boyfriend – she was an accomplished, Type-A corporate executive, he an affable doofus – Jan moved from New York to Scranton and into Michael’s cheesy condo.Yup, officer Peter Jablonski (Beau Knapp, working with one of the best New Jersey cop names ever given to an actor) wants to turn himself in, call it an accident, and take his lumps — an emotion that will recur throughout most of the season. No such thing as an accident.” Jablonski relents, a cover-up is attempted, and it’s up to KJ — with the help of Fish (Michael Mosley), a goofy homicide detective with a goofy name — to sort fiction from truth and prove it in court.But his fellow cops, led by Mike Diangelo (David Lyons), remind him of the current political climate: “Do you watch the news? A crime occurs, an investigation begins, and all the juiciest drama plays out in front of a judge — simple enough for an anthology season, right?It could be, but Sud and her squad of young writers twist the story into knots in order to create conflict.Such machinations would be more forgivable if it didn’t feel like so much time gets wasted in these 10 hour-long episodes (with more than half the entries clocking in over 60 minutes and a finale that’s nearly feature-length).

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