Rebecca eger dave hawk dating

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Avatar Productions -"Barnes & Noble" book store promotional (production assistant) (2016)... Avatar Productions - Huff Post Live- AOL Studios (2015)... BOR Productions -Keep America Beautiful EARTH DAY (2008)…Crews ‘N’ Video Inc. -Huff Post Live — AOL Studios - interviews with Richard Gere, Billy Jean King (2015)... (UK) -RAIDERS OF THE LOST PAST: “The Hunt for the Book of Spells” (episode 8 of 13 in the series) (TV series) (2012)…World Media Rights, Inc. (UK) -RAIDERS OF THE LOST PAST: “The Nazis and the Book of Power (episode 3 of 13 in the series) (TV series) Phil Gries – DP / Director (2012)…World Media Rights, Inc. David Blumenthal Productions -Huff Post Live — AOL Studios (2014)... -New Deco Orchestra promotional video (assistant director) (2014)... Tangeray Video Productions -Crevath, Swaine & Moore (2014)...

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