Rabbi david wolpe dating

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The last thing the ancient Egyptians wanted to record is the embarrassment of being completely destroyed by the God of a puny slave nation.

Would the Egyptians ever want to preserve details of the destruction of fields, flocks, and first borns -- plus the death of Pharaoh and the entire Egyptian army at the Red Sea?

While the excavation component is more of a mechanical skill, the interpretive component is very subjective.

Presented with the same artifact, two world-class archaeologists will often come to different conclusions -- particularly when ego, politics and religious beliefs enter the equation.

Interestingly, the Torah is unique among all ancient national literature in that it portrays its people in both victory and defeat.

This does not mean that early civilizations did not record events.As a science, we must understand what archaeology is and what it isn't.Archaeology consists of two components: the excavation of ancient artifacts, and the interpretation of those artifacts.To date, only a tiny fraction of archeological sites related to the Bible have been excavated.This thin archeological record means that any conclusions are based on speculation and projection. Yet that has not stopped some archeologists from making bold assertions.

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