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In general, the people who are OK with being side pieces are in it for themselves - they’re not worried about the other person.

These affairs are becoming more commonplace, which suggests people are becoming more selfish and more self-centered, valuing sexual gratification over emotional intimacy. Hollywood has portrayed the side piece to be a woman or a victim of the "situationship", imposing double standards.

When it came to dating, in New York, a total of 33 percent of people said it was OK to date multiple people at the same time.

This suggests both men and women are more likely to have side pieces (at least in NY), because there's a more lax attitude on dating.

In other cases, we’re not okay with being the side chick or the side man, but a lack of confidence pushes us into denial, and we fool ourselves into believing things are fine, and no one will get hurt.

Yet we don’t talk about women doing the cheating, or women having a man as their side piece.

In this scenario, Lewinsky willingly became Clinton’s side piece with the knowledge that he was in a committed relationship.

She was okay with becoming the president's side piece, but why?

We’re becoming more open-minded when it comes to dating — for better or for worse.“[W]e’re evolving our views on relationships and our openness to multiple partners or different sexual experiences is both new and perhaps dangerous or unwieldy,” he told .

We choose to be a side piece for several reasons: we either don’t want a traditional relationship, and solely seek physical intimacy; we choose to settle for less than we deserve, because at least we’ll be desired; or we’re not okay with being the side piece, but we convince ourselves this is fine.

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