Proximity dating app iphone

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It’s also done a media for equity deal with Switzerland’s 3 Plus TV station to help promote Blinq via relevant singles-focused TV shows (such as The Bachelor).As well as its planned b2b monetization model, Blinq is working on b2c revenue streams via premium in-app features — such as a singles heatmap which will be able to tell users which venues have the highest concentrations of singles in real-time, again powered by its beacon tech.Premium features are yet to come; for now the app is entirely free to use.On the market expansion front, Blinq’s initial focus is German-speaking countries — with a plan to launch in Munich in Germany in January, followed by major cities in Germany and Austria.

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If you and one of your matches are detected to be skiing in Arosa on the same day, both get notified and suggested a place to meet up.

Therefore Blinq is the first mobile application to connect users passively at the right time and right place.” “We don’t see a future where everyone spends that much time on the cell phone. It’s not strictly necessary to use i Beacons to power the Blinq Insta Connect proximity feature — a smartphone’s own Bluetooth radio could be used for that (and indeed that is a feature the team is also exploring to enable Blinq users to stumble upon each other without needing to be at a specific venue).

However installing and controlling static beacons in real world locations has clear advantages — giving Blinq more structured data and more control over that data.

These work with an in app feature called Insta Connect which lets users opt in to be notified if any of their dating matches or singles that fit their criteria happen to be hanging out at the same location.

Thus far Blinq has mostly rolled out the Bluetooth i Beacons in Zurich, as part of its pilot, and is still very much in a learning phase with the proximity technology.

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