Prisoner dating psychology

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The agency says these inmates are so dangerous that they must be confined for months, years — even decades — in a cell the size of a parking space with no human contact at least 22 hours a day.State Department of Corrections officials denied reporters’ requests to interview inmates in person about their experiences in administrative confinement, so the Center mailed surveys to more than 100 who had been held in 2016.(Starts at ) We interviewed 65 inmates held in administrative confinement. Waupun Correctional Institution inmate Cesar De Leon said he has punched the wall until his fist is bloody to give himself “a sense of reality” during 15 years in prison in which he has rotated in and out of solitary confinement.

At various times, he and his family have alleged that he has been mistreated by correctional officers, including a “use-of-force” incident on Dec. Cook said De Leon is in administrative confinement because of repeated assaultive behavior, security threat group activity, manufacture of weapons and other violations.

“He had memory loss and poor concentration, and that’s for how long he’s lasted without food,” Landeros said. I saw him bad, truly bad.” De Leon said administrative confinement has no rehabilitative purpose.

He called it a “torture technique.” “It have deteriorated me psychologically, I’m constantly depress,” De Leon wrote in response to the survey.

One time, allowed additional time out of his cell for good behavior, Christian attacked another inmate.

“Someone was talking crap about me and I didn’t know who so I just picked someone and stabbed him,” Christian, who is serving time at the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility in Boscobel, wrote in response to a survey by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

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