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"The Church is built on the foundation of marriage and family life," write the United States Catholic Bishops in their Pastoral Letter, Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan.

They urge the entire Catholic community to "a renewed commitment to helping those called to the vocation of married life." In response to the Bishops' call, John Bosio, author of Happy Together: the Catholic Blueprint for a Loving Marriage, and his wife Teri used the materials from his book to develop SIX DATES for Catholic Couples.

*smile* Key to our happiness has been learning from other older couples what it means to love and serve one another in marriage.

We’ve been blessed with several godly couples who spoke truth into our lives at key moments, but in between, books have mentored us into a healthier marriage.

He wrote: We’ve found this prayer to be a beautiful expression of what we want to experience in our marriage.

We often use it as our theme verse for the couples’ retreats we lead.

The mystery of the human person, as created by God, is manifested in a particularly powerful way through the covenant of holy matrimony.This ready to use program comes with a coordinator’s guide, videos, and handouts (in PDF format ready to print).The six videos inspire spouses to become aware of the gift that they are to each other as husband and wife.The strength of marriages is a concern of the Catholic Church because marriage is the heart of the family, and families are schools of love.Understanding this, parishes are offering programs to encourage couples to make time for each other.

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